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Gov. Oborevwori creates commissioner performance bond

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Delta State governor Sheriff Oborevwori has issued his commissioners a performance bond.

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He said each commissioner in his government would sign the commitment during the State 2023 Executive Council conference in Asaba.

The governor said the bond, which will include KPIs, would hold ministries, divisions, and agencies (MDAs) accountable.

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He claimed the retreat, “Delivering the M.O.R.E. Agenda for Advancing Delta: Strategies Enablers,” was needed to align government MDAs with administration policies.

To do this, commissioners will sign a performance bond after this retreat. This is not designed to terrify anyone; it’s to motivate you to stick to the deliverables.”

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Some commissioners are afraid and don’t trust the performance bond’s aim.

One, who spoke to janescope anonymously, claimed the performance bond may target commissioners selected or “imposed” by prior governors and the party.

“Some of us came from the party, not the governor. It could simplify signing and leaving. Many of the governor’s men have not been appointed, but some have been commissioners twice or three times.

Gov. Oborevwori remarked in an interview: “These key performance indicators will enable us to measure our progress as an administration based on established timelines and success benchmarks.

“This will improve government efficiency, performance, MDA accountability, and resource management.

“MDAs must constantly monitor the progress of projects under their jurisdiction and formulate a mechanism for feedback and evaluation to achieve our stated goals.”


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