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“Bulletproof Car Saved Suleman by Not Anointing Oil” – Online community responds to attempt on apostle’s life

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The assassination attempt on Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has been followed by reactions.

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In Auchi, Edo State, some unidentified gunmen allegedly attempted to kill Apostle Suleman.

About seven people lost their life during the tragedy, including police officers.

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Some Nigerians who responded to the tragedy said that Suleman was the only one spared by his bulletproof car.

The following are tweets compiled by newsmen: @SirDavidBent:

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“The only reason Apostle Suleman survived the attempted murder was because he was in a bulletproof vehicle. Don’t let the “Blood of Jesus” or anything else cause any drama. The fact that lives were lost is what matters most. These individuals had families. When will security be achieved? That is the inquiry.


It was possible to kill Apostle Suleman! Stickers, anointing oil, and bulletproof cars could not save him; only his vehicle could. Madira oo. Make them fool you, Dem dey. Salutations to the deceased.


I was just considering how Apostle Suleman, the Man of God, used a bulletproof automobile and armed security personnel.

Edward State


I was deeply upset to hear about the vicious attack on my brother and customer @APOSTLESULEMAN.

this evening by alleged kidnappers in Auchi, Edo State. The attack scene on Warrake Road, Auchi, resembles a scene from a war film. Suleman, by His Grace, is unharmed.


The convoy of Apostle Suleman was ambushed in Auchi. The bullet-proof automobile protected him, but four police officers, a driver, and a woman were shot and killed.

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