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Read about how flooding in Nigeria caused a snake to kill a woman

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Snakebites have become more common in Plateau and other States as a result of the flooding in various areas of Nigeria.

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The wife of the Magama village chief in the Langtang South Local Government of the Plateau is among those who were killed.

The situation is alarming, according to Dr. Nandul Durfa, managing director of a company that makes anti-snake venom (ASV).

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The wife of the Magama village chief is one of many victims of the sharp increase in snakebite incidents.

He observed that “snakes and humans are all fleeing the floods and would typically clash in the dry plains in the struggle for space.”

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Abubakar Saidu, M.D. Due to the moisture in farmlands, snakes move to higher ground where they mingle with people.

Balla remarked that because of the floods, snakes were compelled to move from forests to dwellings or across river banks.

Riverine areas in Borno, Adamawa, Kogi, Gombe, and Bauchi were also impacted, according to the research officer at Snakebite Research Hospital, Kaltungo in Gombe.

He bemoaned the fact that victims are unable to access medical facilities since the roads and bridges have been destroyed or inundated.

“Motorcycles are useful in rural regions, but they are currently unable to cross water. The expert continued, “Victims frequently arrive at treatment facilities dead.

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