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Delta residents protest oil bunkering, which they say is harming the region’s ecosystem

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According to the Aladja village in Udu Local Government Area, Delta State, oil bunkering along the Warri River has rendered the river unusable for fishing.

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On behalf of the Agrarian people, Comrade Oro Ivwrigheghweta made a statement.

He emphasized that the oil bunkerers’ actions had killed off river fish, which had a severe impact on local fisherman.

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That’s because, he said, “their activities have impacted the environment negatively.”

The fishermen are complaining that the river no longer contains plentiful fish.

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Ivwrigheghweta has called for the government to take aggressive measures against criminality, particularly the theft of crude oil in the Niger Delta.

He also urged security agencies to stop accepting bribes from the criminal element.

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