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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Man United teammates no longer respect him.

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Troy Deeney, a hero for Watford, has accused forward Cristiano Ronaldo of “abandoning” his Manchester United teammates by declining to play for the Red Devils in their recent victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

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After choosing to leave Old Trafford moments before the final whistle sounded as Man United overcame Tottenham 2-0 on Wednesday night, Ronaldo came under heavy fire.

The former Real Madrid great stole the show when he limped off the field just before the end of the game; Man United boss Erik ten Hag later revealed that the player had declined to be substituted.

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According to Deeney, who is commenting on the situation, Ronaldo’s teammates and the Man United staff will no longer respect him as a result of his deed.

The Sun quoted Deeney as saying:

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“I don’t see how to get out of that.

“From the standpoint of a player, I’m not sure what you think people will think of you or even remotely appreciate you for. That is mental.

“Ronaldo will no longer be respected by the team’s personnel or players. You’ve given up on your own group. You’ve very much given up on them.

The worst thing you could possibly do, especially as a senior player, is that.

In essence, he is asserting, “I am superior than all of you. In order to avoid having to enter the game later, he believes he ought to have started against the Spurs.

“You can’t refuse to come on once your manager has asked you to, whether he really believes that or not. The team will have a very difficult time handling it.

He is effectively finished at Manchester United under Ten Hag, therefore they will need to find a buyer for him in January.

“They should have done it in August, probably. Now, the only thing left to do is get him out of the building, especially if he is working out separately from the first-team team.

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