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Umuahia’s street protesting widows cause consternation while dressed in all black

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About 500 widows dressed in black caused chaos in Umuahia on Saturday by staging a protest.

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The ‘Liberation March’ involved the women taking to the streets of the state capital under the banner of a group calling itself Widows United for the Liberation of Abia.

Widows, both old and young, were overheard declaring that no one who stands in the way of Abia State’s development will ever see good fortune again.

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The women walked from Library Avenue to Okpara Square, then to other parts of the city, all the while carrying long sticks and raising their hands in prayer.

A banner they carried identified them as members of a group called “The Cry Of The Widows Network, Abia State Chapter,” though it was unclear if they had been organized or if they had simply traveled together from different sections of the state.

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The demonstration caused traffic congestion on main thoroughfares in the state capital.

The protesting widows, who were sweating profusely due to the high temperatures, told a reporter from the JANESCOPE  that they would fight against any effort to undermine the integrity of the facts and the tranquility of Abia.

But Cherechi Samuel, one of the widows, said they had traveled from all around Abia to beg for God to intervene on behalf of the state.

Cherechi estimated that 2,000 of his group’s members showed up to the demonstration.

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