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Atiku disputes any connection to Intels

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Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) nominee for president in the 2023 elections, has refuted any affiliation with Integrated Logistic Services Nigeria Limited (Intels).

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According to reports, Atiku stands to gain from the federal government’s move to revoke Intels’ contract cancelation.

In response to the report, Atiku said in a Sunday post on his official Twitter account that he sold his Intel stock in 2020 and announced his departure from the company in January 2021.

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“I announced to the public in January 2021 that I had sold my Intels shares to Orlean Investment Group, the company’s parent.

“Those shares were sold in phases starting in 2018 and reaching their peak in December 2020. Additionally, Intels disclosed that I was leaving the oil and gas logistics company, thus the shares I sold are now owned by a new company.

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“My decision to leave the company I co-founded has not been undone. Therefore, I cannot under any circumstances be considered a benefit of the Federal Government’s decision to restore the boat pilotage monitoring company that Intels had previously owned.

He wrote, “Therefore, it is false and should be seen for what it is: mischief, to suggest that I am a beneficiary of the decision to rescind the cancellation of the contract between Intels and the FG.”

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