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Renewing Interest in the Peace Corps Act

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Many Nigerians hope that the country’s imminent signing of the Nigeria Peace Corps bill will put many of their country’s unemployed back to work.

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This occurs as debates rage about the nation’s high jobless rate.

Recent troubling unemployment data from the National Bureau of data (NBS) highlight the critical nature of the Peace Corps Bill.

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A 4.1 percent unemployment rate was recorded in Q1 2023.

The Nigeria Peace Corps Act was one of many measures presented to President Buhari for his signature before he leaves office on May 29, 2023.

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Sponsored by Senator Ali Ndume, this bill would have given the Nigerian Peace Corps official status and made it possible for all active volunteers there to be protected by the law.

Since its inception under Dickson Akoh’s leadership, the Peace Corps has been an outspoken supporter of initiatives to foster national unity and give voice to America’s youth.

However, the organization has struggled due to its lack of legitimacy and official recognition as a government parastatal.

The rejection of the measure by President Buhari in 2018 marked a turning point in its history.

He was worried about the impact on national security and the cost of maintaining the organization.

Still, the bill was reintroduced in the 9th Senate, sparking hope that it may win final approval.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s new administration has not yet commented on the proposed legislation since taking office.

Activist Fred Agbaje, together with James Akoji, Emmanuel Uduh, and Damiete Paul, have all written to President Tinubu to ask him to sign the law and help end Nigeria’s youth unemployment.

Peace Corps Bill is about hope for millions of jobless young people,” said Fred Agbaje. With Tinubu on our side, anything is possible.

James Akoji: “Tinubu’s decision bears the burden of our hopes and aspirations. Youth may get involved and make a difference with the Peace Corps. We want him to take advantage of this chance.

Uduh Emmanuel, The Peace Corps Bill is a ray of light in the darkness of the current unemployment crisis. A vote of confidence from Tinubu could change the course of history for our age.

We’re not just asking for your signature, Damiete Paul; we’re asking for your life. If we join the Peace Corps, we will have the tools to make a difference. We beg Tinubu to support us.

Aondona Shija, “This isn’t just a bill; it’s about giving our young people the tools they need to choose the future of our country. Let’s band together in support of the Peace Corps and the ideals it represents.

Agnes Luga said, “The Peace Corps Bill isn’t just policy; it’s a commitment to the future of our youth.” I see promise in it and am advocating for widespread support.

Now is a time when the Peace Corps may serve as a driving force for positive change. I pray that Tinubu sees the potential and seizes the opportunity.

To paraphrase Eunice Agaigbe: “Our nation’s future is in the hands of our young people. The Peace Corps Act may be the way to go. Let’s rally together in support of it.

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