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Demonstrators occupy the National Assembly, calling for victims’ justice

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To demand justice for the victims of the airstrike that murdered some villagers in the Tudun Diri area of Kaduna State, protestors stormed the National Assembly on Wednesday.

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Remember how three villagers were accidentally killed by a military drone when they were celebrating the Maulud festival?

Speaking to reporters during the demonstration, Nasir Ishaku, the leader of the Arewa Youth Movement and the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) North West Zone, urged Minister of Defense Abubakar Badaru to step down if he was unable to guarantee the safety of people and property.

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The protest leader, Ishaku, declared that it was unacceptable and could not continue to be permitted that innocent Nigerians were being killed “on a daily basis” in the North.

“The country’s security situation continues to deteriorate since his (Badaru) appointment as Minister of Defense,” he stated. These two organizations are morally obligated to voice our complaints because Nigeria is in complete disarray when it comes to property and life security, particularly in Northern Nigeria.

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The Nigeria Police Force, the army, the air force, and the navy are among the armed forces that Nigeria continuously loses personnel of. Nobody is aware of the whereabouts of our university students, who are still being held captive.

These are the unmistakable signs that the minister lacks the necessary skills to manage that delicate portfolio. He ought to either accept his obligations or step down as a result.

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