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The ‘Outbreak Response Campaign’ to combat the polio virus has begun in Edo

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The “Outbreak Response Campaign” against the circulating strain polio virus has been scheduled for September 16-19, according to the Edo Primary Health Care Development Agency.

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In a statement sent to the press in Benin on Friday, Mrs. Irene Uabor, the agency’s Health Education Officer, made the announcement.

Uabor stated that during the campaign, children aged zero to fifty-nine months would receive two drops of the Novel Oral Polio Vaccine.

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She assured the public that the immunization was safe and effective, and that it will be administered throughout the state’s 18 local government councils at Primary Health Care Centres and vaccination locations.

It is expected that “healthcare workers will also be seen moving from house to house, visiting schools, créches, churches, mosques, markets, motor parks, shopping malls, recreation centers, and other places where eligible children can be found,” she said.

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To avert a polio outbreak, she pleaded with relevant parties to assist spread accurate information about the immunization to parents and guardians in the state.

Since we do not want an epidemic in the state, it is our responsibility as stakeholders to get the word out in a way that encourages people to comply.

She urged parents and guardians to vaccinate their kids, saying, “This exercise helps boost the immunity of your kids and gives additional protection against circulating variant polio virus.” (NAN)

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