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“It’s been two years since my husband and I last shared a bed.” – Disgruntled Housewife, 25 Years Old

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A 25-year-old housewife named Ruqayya Mukhtar has taken her husband to court.
On Thursday, the woman claimed her husband had not slept with her in over two years in front of a Shari’a court in Rigasa, Kaduna.

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The complainant alleged physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her husband, Naziru Hamza, and asked the court to end their marriage.

The husband, defending himself, said he did everything he could to make his wife happy sexually.

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“Since I have to go out and work to provide for my family, I often get home late and exhausted, but my wife doesn’t understand, and she insists on constant physical contact.

“I oblige many times and sometimes beg her to be patient till the next morning and I don’t beat her,” he explained.

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The complainant was questioned by Judge Malam Anass Khalifa if she had any witnesses, and she responded positively.

The day he set for the complainant to present her witnesses was September 5th, therefore he deferred the case until then.

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