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Representatives request that FCTA grant C of O to mass housing program participants

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The Federal Capital Territory Administration has been requested by the House of Representatives to start issuing certificates of occupancy to owners of residences under the mass housing program in Abuja.

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The House gave its committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCCT) instructions to work with the FCDA to investigate and address any problems related to the non-issuance of certificates of occupancy to property owners in housing estates.

Sada Soli, a Katsina State senator, made the motion that led to this resolution on Tuesday.

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“The mass housing scheme project was initiated by the Federal Capital Territory in 2000 to provide affordable housing through a public-private partnership (PPP) policy arrangement,” stated Soli.

The legislator claimed that even though the mass housing program is having a significant impact on the Federal Capital Territory, the majority of its recipients still do not have their certificates of occupancy.

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“One common certificate of occupancy issued in favor of the estate, which negates the principles of tenant-owner protection,” he stated, referring to the lack of a certificate of occupancy for the property owners inside these mass housing project estates.

Without any discussion, the House approved the proposal.

The committee was given a six-week deadline to complete its investigation and submit a report to the House.

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