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Oyo communities express concern over the increasing menace of land speculators

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Communities in Oyo State’s Ona Ara local government area are worried that outsiders may try to forcibly evict them from their houses.

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Some residents of the communities have accused individuals posing as government officials of targeting certain homes there for possible acquisition.

Ajonloku, Oloyo,Idi -Ogun Iyi-Ola, Bolarinwa, and Kuye villages, all members of the Araromi General Development Association, said that land grabbers had prepared plans to evict them and seize their land.

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The communities warned Governor Seyi Makinde in a petition that many people would be displaced if they were forcibly evicted from their homes.

Through their attorney, Omoniyi Odeyemi, the communities argued that some of the properties were previously registered with the state Ministry of Lands and had certificates of occupancy.

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In a save our soul petition headed “Urgent request to prevent acquisition of property at Ona Ara local government area of Oyo state,” residents pleaded with the governor to act quickly to save the property rights of the people who live there.

On Sunday, the communities filed a petition with JANESCOPE in which they stated, “We are the solicitors to Araromi General Development Association, which comprises of following Villages; Ajonloku, Oloyo,Idi -Ogun Iyi-Ola, Bolarinwa, and Kuye (hereinafter referred to as our client) and on whose instruction we write.

There are over ten thousand people living in the aforementioned villages in the Ona Ara Local Government Area of Oyo State, and we are writing to express our deepest alarm at the news that certain individuals have acquired property there.

Some people posing as government officials have marked properties in the area for acquisition, which could have devastating effects on the neighborhood as a whole, including the displacement of many residents and the violation of their constitutional rights.

“The Ministry of Lands has issued a registered certificate of occupancy for certain of these properties. Since we do not believe this transaction is in the best interest of our community and could have negative implications, we respectfully ask for your help in blocking it.

We think that with your knowledge and sway, we can look into other options that would be good for all of the residents.

We hope to hear back from you soon with a solution to this urgent problem. Time is of the importance, so please respond quickly to my request. Please find attached copies of the documentation establishing our legal right to these properties.

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