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Omisore, National Secretary of the APC, demands N500 million from National Vice Chairman Lukman.

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Omisore, National Secretary of the APC, demands N500 million from National Vice Chairman Lukman. Concerning Alleged Libel Iyiola Omisore, the All Progressives Congress (APC) national secretary, has demanded N500 million from the party’s vice chairman in the north-west, Salihu Lukman, for alleged libel.

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We understand that Omisore and Lukman, both members of the ruling party’s National Working Committee (NWC), have been at odds.

Lukman had called on Omisore to quit during an interview on African Independent Television on Tuesday, accusing him of mismanaging campaign finances for the Osun State election, which the APC lost to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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“I’m aware the party has contributed some campaign funding to,” he says.

Osun, which was handled by the national secretary, has been mismanaged to some level, but more significantly, he is not answering to anyone, and you must activate the accountability process.”

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Gboyega Oyewole, counsel to the APC national secretary, stated in a letter dated March 15 that Lukman’s comment is incorrect and was intended to damage Omisore’s character.

Furthermore, he threatened to take Lukman to court if he did not apologize and pay N500 million.

“It is apparent beyond doubt that your remarks and publishing were a political tactic with the goal of impugning our client’s reputation and integrity and unjustifiably and unwarrantedly assassinating his character in the eyes of the public,” Oyewole stated.

Members of the public who think for themselves.

“Our client has consequently directed us to request for a retraction of your libelous statement and publication and an apology to be published in two major newspapers and several online news outlets not later than 48 hours of the delivery of this letter and also the payment of the sum of N500,000,000 as damages for malicious statement against our client.

“TAKE NOTICE that if you do not comply with our client’s request within 48 hours of receiving this letter, we will be forced to proceed to court against you for exemplary damages for hurtful falsehood and malicious statement made of and concerning our client.”

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