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NO MAN’S LAND: Lagos isn’t Igboland, and we’re only passing through — Iwuanyanwu

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Dr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has stated that the Igbos are only guests in Lagos State in an endeavor to rebuild unity between South Easterners and their host communities in South West states.

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According to JANESCOPE, the leader of the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization stated this in an interview with Vanguard on Friday.

While praising the Igbos for their contributions to Lagos and Nigeria in general, Iwuanyanwu remarked that his people had contributed more to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) than any other group because they are represented in every local government.

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“Without fear of contradictions, when it comes to Gross Domestic Product, GDP, in Nigeria today, I believe Igbo contribute more to GDP than any other group because we are present in every local government,” he stated. There is no local government in Nigeria now that does not have an Igbo representative.

“Wherever they are, they conduct their businesses, which may include commodity trading or farming.” Whatever they do, they pay taxes, build houses, and coexist happily with the locals. I believe they are doing a good job for Nigeria.”

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However, despite the Easterners’ contributions to the prosperity of other states, the Ohanaeze leader stated that they are conscious that they are tourists and that their home will always be in Igbo land.
“When it comes to Lagos, some Igbo have lived there since their grandparents arrived in 1914.” The reality is that we have a personality in Igboland that distinguishes us. We know we have a home, and that is in Eastern Nigeria.

“We know we are visitors everywhere we go, and we have never gone anywhere to claim their land.” Every Igbo man who owns real estate in Lagos does so legally.

“We are not here to preach that God gave us the land in Lagos.” We had to pay for it. Igboland residents have not only developed land but also built residences. Humans built everything in Lekki, Victoria Island, Lekki, and everywhere else.

“Lagos is Lagos because people came and invested, such as the Igbo.” They include northerners as well as members of other tribes. Igbo arrived, invested, and developed the area while keeping in mind that they were tourists.

“Every Igbo man is told from home to obey the law of his host community, and Igbo have done that all throughout history,” he continued.

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