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Obi urges Nigerians to maintain optimism for a better future

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Mr. Peter Obi, Labour Party’s 2023 presidential contender, has urged Nigerians not to give up hope that their country might improve despite being independent for 63 years.

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Obi, a former governor of Anambra State, issued the call in a message of goodwill for Sunday’s celebration of Nigeria’s 63rd anniversary of independence.

After 63 years of independence, he bemoaned the recurrent leadership failure that has left Nigerians facing significant uncertainties and apparent suffering. However, he emphasized that the situation was urgent but not hopeless.

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The presidential candidate made the parallel between the life of a nation and the parameters of modern technology, saying that if the input is garbage, the product will be garbage as well.

“The information you receive from Google depends on the queries you enter. Every nation ultimately gets the leaders they deserve because of the way they choose to direct their own destinies.

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We can’t make an exception for Nigeria. We must bear the costs associated with following rogue leaders if we choose to do so.

What are the questions Nigerians are asking their leaders, and what kind of responses can we anticipate from them at 63 years old?

The onus of creating a new Nigeria rests squarely on the shoulders of Nigerians, yet I remain optimistic despite the current state of affairs.

Every year on October 1st since 1960, Obi added, Nigerians have taken stock of their country’s progress, asking themselves, “Are we where we’re supposed to be, despite our vast human and natural resources?”

The presidential hopeful prayed that God would continue to shower his country with mercy and kindness as it celebrated its independence day.

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