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We’ll turn Sambisa into farmland, Obi promises Kano supporters

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If elected, Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, promised to turn the dreaded Sambisa forest into agricultural land to boost productivity.

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During his presidential campaign, the former governor of Anambra State made this vow while speaking to supporters in Kano State. He also pledged to secure and free the country from criminal parallel governments.

I pledge to secure and defend the Nigerian people, he declared. We’ll make sure the opposition and criminals are not more powerful than the state. There will be a single government. And there won’t be room for them inside. Nigerians will be safe with us. Nigeria will be united.

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He stated, “Nigeria is not creating anything,” while vowing to turn the Sambisa forest into farmland, transform the nation from a consumption nation to a production nation, as well as increase its export. They claim that the exchange rate is N700 to this, but this is untrue; the rate will fall after we stop stealing.

“We used to export, but now we’re starving. Why are we hungry? The land is ours. I want to cultivate the uncultivated area in the north.

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They claimed that the Sambisa forest is our concern since Borno State is experiencing a crisis, but we would turn it into agricultural land. We cannot allow it to be like that because the Sambisa forest is 60,000 square kilometers in size, whereas Israel is only 22.1 square kilometers.

It won’t cause us any problems; instead, it will be a source of income. We are at our wits’ end. Nigeria exported 18.9 trillion dollars worth of goods last year, which, when multiplied by 650, is nearly 30 billion in a nation of 200 million people spread across 923,000 square kilometers. We can’t handle it. Nigeria’s exports will rise as we transition the country from agriculture to industrialization and export.

He added that he possesses the skills necessary to lift the North out of poverty.

“Let me tell you that I will find a solution to the North’s situation. I’ll save them from squalor. With the vast uncultivated regions in the North, I know what to do.

“The Kano you see today is a shadow of Kano’s former self. Kano is currently known for breeding poverty and famine. Obi stated, “We aim to shift the nation from consumption to production.

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