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Gov. Lawal expresses disapproval at the state of the Zamfara children’s prison

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Zamfara quality Governor Dauda Lawal has expressed regret about the quality of education in the region.

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When the governor visited an approved school—which was built to act as a penal facility for the modification of deviant behavior, particularly in younger children—he voiced his disapproval.

Lawal decried the dirty state of the school environment and attributed the systemic decay on the previous administration’s negligence.

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He pointed out the worn-out beds that some of the students were sleeping on, the broken school windows, the shredded floors, and the foul stench that seeped from some areas of the dorm.

The governor, clearly troubled by the state of the school, toured the building, looking in the kitchen, the abandoned workshop areas, and other areas.

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“I came to assess the state of this place for myself, and what I have seen thus far is appalling.” It’s beyond me to describe.

The location, which ought to have served as a suitable facility for rehabilitating children’s maladaptive behaviors, is in such bad shape that it is unfit to house even an animal, much less people.

“Regardless of the severity of the delinquent behavior, no responsible parent would consider sending their child to such a very bad environment,” the governor declared.

Prior to this, the school’s principal, Sale Muhammad, gave the governor a tour of the facilities and stated that since the school’s founding, national greed has never provided energy.

In addition, he bemoaned the absence of necessary amenities including a clinic, furnishings, and workshop equipment for teaching the kids self-sufficiency.

Governor Dauda issued a corresponding order to the relevant Ministries after the inspection to make sure the school, including its kitchen, mosques, and access road, is improved so it can fulfill its purpose as a juvenile correctional facility.

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