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The Supreme Court knowingly allowed constitutional violations to occur. Peter Obi says

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In response to the recent ruling by the Supreme Court that denied his appeal against President Bola Tinubu’s victory, Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) nominee for president in the recently ended presidential election on February 25th, has publicly responded.

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Obi asserted that the Supreme Court purposefully allowed violations of the Constitution concerning the requirements and qualifications set forth for presidential candidates.

The former governor of Anambra State claimed that the Supreme Court had failed in its duty as the court of law and policy in addition to displaying an unsettling dislike of public opinion.

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Please allow me to share a few thoughts on the latest ruling from Nigeria’s top court, the Supreme Court.

“After giving the recent Supreme Court decision on an electoral subject a lot of thought, I have decided, like other Nigerians, to personally and formally respond to it. I am someone who has benefited from the ruling.

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Issues of national interest are the cause we are facing.

“Putting legal matters aside, the Supreme Court disregarded its role as the court of law and policy and showed a troubling distaste for public opinion.

“Therefore, I am extremely disappointed to learn that the court’s ruling goes against the overwhelming evidence of election tampering, the false allegation of a technical error, the significant disregard for the regulations established by INEC, and the instances of perjury, identity theft, and forgery that have been brought to light in the context of the election dispute.

“These are serious accusations that weren’t meant to be taken lightly.

He declared, “The Supreme Court’s decision deliberately allowed violations of the constitution concerning the requirements and qualifications set forth for presidential candidates.”

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