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Nigerians assigned to community development by the monarch

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Oba Adeniyi Adeola Ajakaiye, the Oluyin of Iyin-Ekiti, has urged Nigerians to work together with their leaders to improve their community.

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The traditional ruler emphasized that communities must recognize and capitalize on their potential to support grassroots economic growth.

During the 2023 Iyin Ekiti State celebration, the king gave a speech and granted chieftaincy titles to a few notable individuals and community allies.

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The monarch saw that the village has a wealth of potentials that may be used for development.

He declared, “We are putting up a strategic plan on how to develop the town. We have visited a lot of places, tourist attractions that we need to project to the world, to bring tourists to Ekiti, to enhance the development of our town.”

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“We want to carry on the tradition of Iyin being the best-planned town in the old western region.”

Senator Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, a representative of the Ekiti Central Senatorial District, was also present at the function. He advised the residents of his hometown of Iyin Ekiti to carry on living in harmony, love, and peace since they are essential for progress.

“Today has spoken out so largely again that having peace and unity within a community is the only way to enhance development,” he remarked.

This town is divided into four distinct areas. We are happy that we are discussing Iyin Ekiti today rather than just a small portion of the town. The occasion served as a celebration of our community’s reunification and unity. We are off and running now that we are back.

Community development, in my opinion, is about attempting to adhere to the idea that people’s lives and the community cannot be the same. Individuals lead their own lives, but communities have lives of their own, and a community cannot be discussed without discussing its members.

“Not only are we doing this in Ekiti, but I’m also pushing for this in every other town in my Senate District.I simply want to express that we are happy to be able to do it in our neighborhood once more with our friends, and it is a chance for us to give back to the system.

The monarch expressed his desire for a federal university to be constructed in the town, saying, “The people of Iyin Ekiti want a federal university to be established in this town.” It is a wish that is currently receiving the highest level of legislative attention, and when the action comes to an end—which will happen very soon—the bill will have passed its third reading in the Senate, passed its second reading, and be sent to the House of Representatives for concurrence.

“We will therefore have finished this within the next few weeks, and Mr. President is waiting for this bill to be passed so that we can move forward with the establishment of a Federal University of Technology and Environmental Services in Iyin Ekiti.”

The federal legislator insisted that the goal of the institution’s acquisition was Iyin Ekiti community development.

And it’s about giving many of our young people and kids who want to go to college a chance to do so. Every year, these people are turned away because there aren’t enough educational institutions to support them. In this regard, we are headed in the right direction, and it will become a reality in a few months.

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