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The Enugu government closes sixteen institutions over suspected tax cheating

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Due to suspected tax evasion, the Enugu State Government on Friday closed the doors of sixteen corporate establishments, including hotels, consultancy firms, and schools, located throughout the city of Enugu.

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This was revealed by State Internal Revenue Service (ES-IRS) Chairman Mr. Emmanuel Nnamani during the first-ever news briefing on the agency’s activities.

According to Nnamani, the organization chose to start the exercise as a result of the firm owners’ and management’s purported failure to reply to the government’s several reminder letters.

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“We’ve written to them multiple times, but they seem to be operating normally.

He said, “We went to the court, and the court granted us permission to seal the premises.”

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The head of the state’s IRS went on to say that since 2015, enterprises and businesses in Enugu State had failed to pay the state taxes totaling several million naira.

People did not perceive any justification for paying taxes under the current regime, according to Nnamani.

“Ten percent of the population in Enugu State does not pay taxes.”

He declared, “Every month, tax defaulters cost us enormous sums of money.”

He claims that with the nonexistent internal revenue, the current government is committed to providing facilities for the populace.

“Among other things, the administration recently announced that 71 roads would be built in the state capital. In order to carry out all of these projects, funding is required.

“Where do we get the necessary funding to carry out such people-oriented projects if people do not pay their taxes?

In the best interests of the state, Nnamani remarked, “I want our people to understand this and cooperate with us.”

The IRS chairman added that paying taxes is a way for locals and citizens to support societal advancement.

Thus, he exhorted the populace to work with the government to grow the state by consistently paying their taxes.

“Enugu State will not be the same again at the end of this administration,” Nnamani promised.

He went on to state that throughout the previous seven months of the administration, the Peter Mbah-led team had accomplished over 200 percent service delivery.

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