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Students at Ibadan Polytechnic are suspended and expelled over an alleged kidnapping, Armed theft

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The administration of the Polytechnic Ibadan in Ibadan, Oyo State, announced that certain students had been suspended and expelled.

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On Wednesday, the institution disclosed this information.

The institution, according to JaneScope, is one of the tertiary educational institutions owned by the Oyo state government.

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Two students have been suspended due to allegations of kidnapping, according to the college.

Two students, Beyioku Richard, ND 2 Mass Communication, and Oyewole Dotun, ND 2 Local Government Development Studies, according to the institution’s authority, have been suspended and expelled for allegedly kidnapping a student studying HND 1 Public Administration.

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It was mentioned that one of the suspended students had also beaten up a guard at the school.

These disclosures were revealed by the institution’s registrar, Mrs. Modupe Theresa Fawale, in a statement made accessible to DAILY POST on Wednesday.

Fawale revealed that Dotun was expelled after the institution’s student disciplinary committee met to discuss his case on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

Beyioku Richard did not show up for the disciplinary committee, she added.

Beyioku Richard, according to her, has been placed on indefinite leave by the organization.

She went on to say that Olubiro Basit Ajibola, a student in ND 2 Estate Management and Evaluation who was purported to be engaged in an armed robbery case, also neglected to show up before the disciplinary committee.

She continued by saying that Ajibola was also put on indefinite hiatus.

She continued by saying that Odeleye Victor, an ND2 graduate of the institution, was also the subject of a decision made by the disciplinary committee.

Victor’s purportedly strange movements are generating discomfort and a security breach within the university.

She recommended parents to constantly keep an eye on their wards while they are in institutions.

Speaking further, Fawale said that the university would not think twice about disciplining any students whose behavior would damage the school’s reputation.

She stated:

The institution warned parents and guardians whose children attend The Polytechnic, Ibadan, in a statement to take the time to watch over their children’s behavior because the institution would not hesitate to take harsh measures against any pupil whose behavior would damage the school’s reputation.

In order to stop crimes from happening on campus and to protect law-abiding students, employees, and the broader Polytechnic community, the school will collaborate with law enforcement organizations.

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