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Nigerian comedian Helen Paul recounts the stigma associated with being born of rape

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Helen Paul, a well-known comedian from Nigeria, has shared her story of overcoming the stigma she experienced as a child from society.

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According to the Janescope Helen Paul disclosed a few years prior that she was the victim of rape.

She claimed in a social media video that went viral that some family members even called her a “bastard” who would never amount to anything.

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Not everyone can handle rejection. Some of us are unaware that the words we use might cause someone to feel rejected forever, but in my case, it had a different effect.

“I was raised by my grandmother after being raped, and I was called a bastard by everyone in the neighborhood.” I thus heard as a child that I am a bastard.

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“My aunts will tell me, ‘Don’t spend this money to take care of one bastard child, use it to take care of yourself and purchase your medicine,’ when they come to feed granny.

“Mama would turn to me after they left and say in pidgin, ‘you don’t hear what aunty dem dey talk, na so this world be o.'” No one who is supposed to be your mother blood be that, but they don’t define who you are. If you like, mature, put yourself aside, and remark, “If people don’t succeed, nobody celebrates ham,”

But I understand that because they told Mama not to beat me, if I angered her, she would not want to touch me. Do you really believe that a child who observes diverse speech would grow up to love?

“But now, I work as a professor in the US and a comedian in Nigeria.”


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