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Nigeria celebrates 63 years of independence on October 1

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Nigerians from every corner of the federation have been responding to the country’s 63rd independence anniversary by offering both criticism and praise for the nation’s progress.

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Kwara State Governor and NGF Chair Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq congratulated his fellow Nigerians, saying, “The country’s march to greatness is on course, and on an even stronger footing, regardless of its own share of the challenges of nation building that every society goes through.”

After 63 years of independence, “what is certain is that the country has always emerged stronger from any of its challenges and the current ones, whatever their magnitude or shades, will not be an exception,” the Governor said in a statement released in Ilorin by his spokesman, Rafiu Ajakaye.

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I echo the President’s and other government leaders’ and prominent Nigerians’ pleas for the country’s citizens to maintain their solidarity and dedication to the common good. By working together, “we will build on the successes of the past years and break new grounds in political maturity and inclusiveness, economic growth, and collective prosperity,” the statement said.

Professor Hassan Salihu, a lecturer at the Political Science Department at the University of Ilorin, responded that while Nigeria’s achievements are not particularly spectacular, this event is significant for two main reasons.

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Given its resources, he said, the country should have boasted more proudly about its successes.

Furthermore, Professor Salihu argued, countries that were far behind Nigeria in terms of recorded levels of progress have already overtaken it.

The fact that we have to fight to be heard on the international stage is a sobering indication of how far we have fallen behind other developed countries.

As a result of important pronouncements and measures that are expected to be taken, the new government does offer some cause for optimism.

“President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s government has no choice but to perform as its failure is unthinkable because of the implications for the nation,” he continued.

Dr. Waheed Balogun of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, also responded, saying that he had mixed emotions about the 63rd anniversary of independence.

People are relieved to be free from colonial rule.

One is not thrilled that Nigeria, a sovereign nation blessed with extraordinary richness, in natural and human resources, is still crawling after more than six decades, even though certain elements of neo-colonialism are still in existence within our economic and cultural circles.

Dr. Waheed remarked, “Technologically, we have not gotten to our supposed destination, but it is obvious that we have made tremendous progress compared with the pre-independence period.”

As he put it, “there must be total revamping of her erstwhile exportation capabilities, rejuvenate the oil and gas sectors by fixing her moribund refineries to full capacities, and minimize corruption tendencies among others” for Nigeria to reach its rightful place in the international community.

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