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Niger’s government has spent N18 billion on transformers and other equipment for AEDC over the course of eight years

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Salisu made this announcement while speaking to reporters in Minna about the outcome of a meeting of the State Executive Council.

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According to Abubakar Salisu, Head of Service for the State of Niger, the State Government has spent over N18 billion over the past eight years to assist the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) in carrying out its responsibilities.

He mentioned that some of the funds went toward developing the AEDC network and buying transformers for use in all 25 LGAs.

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The HoS complained that the AEDC continues to cut power to its buildings despite efforts by the state government.

He also said that over N3 billion was spent on Southern Lapai in Lapai LGA during the time under review by the state government to help the people living there.

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Initially, the Niger State Government inherited almost N4 billion in legacy debt, he said, but when a committee was formed to examine the AEDC’s allegations, the state government settled on a figure of N1.3 billion.

The previous administration had already paid N500 million to AEDC, thus the current administration just paid off the remaining N800 million. As a result, the AEDC is no longer owed money by the Niger State Government.

However, the HoS has criticized AEDC’s excessive billing of government agencies, particularly the N50 million that has been invoiced monthly to the Chanchaga Water Works.

He also said that Kwasau Primary School, which has only one ceiling fan in the headmaster’s office, was billed N17 million by AEDC.

“During the time of former Governor Auwal Ibrahim, the Speaker’s residence was built, and then it was left unoccupied for about 40 years. AEDC unexpectedly billed the house for more than N8 million,” he continued.

The majority of the state government’s energy-hungry facilities will be de-connected from the AEDC network, the HoS revealed.

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