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The Niger Assembly pushes the state government to buy LGAs small guns

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The executive branch of government has been urged by the Niger State House of Assembly to use a portion of the security monies belonging to the state’s 25 local governments to purchase small guns for local councils.

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At a plenary session of the house chaired by Speaker Abdulmalik Sarkindaji, a motion brought by Joseph Haruna S. Duza, the member representing Munya Constituency, was adopted.

Duza informed his colleagues that the shortage of weaponry to match the firepower of bandits and terrorists is the reason why security personnel assigned to the various local governments as hunters and vigilantes are not operating at their best.

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He states: “Some local government areas are passive in handling peculiar security matters, likely due to their lack of experience with security matters and the fact that they do not provide the necessary logistics for these vigilante groups.”

The House debated and then unanimously approved the motion’s prayers.

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In order to obstruct robbers’ paths, the House further urged the government to immediately set up military and hunters’ camps surrounding the Tafa LG localities of Ijah Gbagyi, Zhibi, and Gyedna, which share borders with the Federal Capital Territory and Kaduna State.

In a motion, Tafa Constituency representative Muhammad Sani Idris pointed out that in order to stop the threat, the council’s security architecture needs to be strengthened.

Bandits have been wreaking havoc on the council for the past few months, killing, maiming, and kidnapping members of various villages.

He said, “As of right now, bandits have attacked various locations within Tafa LGA nine times in the last few months.”

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