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Jonathan is chastised by APC elders for his mother’s relocation remark

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“To what extent Jonathan, a former President, could go in satisfying his paymaster, who ordinarily should be his subordinate,” was the question raised in the statement.

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According to APC elders, Jonathan made the decision to ignore the fact that during the final three years of the Peoples Democratic Party, or PDP, government, Bayelsans had experienced both physical and economic assault.

“We do not know how low Jonathan can still go in his quest to satisfy his paymasters, which were, regrettably, his rightful subordinates as a former President,” the statement read. He is occasionally at Creek Haven, taking notes on directives from Diri. No other president has behaved in such a manner.

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Jonathan has a different recollection of the violent incident. In the previous three years, Bayelsans have experienced more economic and physical violence in the state than at any prior point. The APC ran its campaign amid a barrage of violence, as reported in the media.

Before the IGP SWAT squad arrived and brought order back to Nembe-Bassambiri, the area was overtaken by thugs with a state mentality. While the community celebrated this development, the governor expressed regret. We vividly recall the indiscriminate attacks on our chieftains and followers in the Kolokuma-Opokuma local government region. There have been documented skirmishes throughout the state. What kind of peace is Jonathan referring to, then?

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“Was the APC in government when Jonathan’s uncle went missing? When gunmen assaulted his home in Otuoke, was Sylva or APC in charge? When his convoy was ambushed, were APC and Sylva in charge? When his kinsman Mike Ogiasa was abducted and dehumanized, were APC and Sylva in charge?

The elders advised Jonathan to give up encouraging violence and inefficiency in the state in order to further his unclear political goals.

They saw that despite Jonathan’s constant display of himself as a statesman, he was still deeply involved in politics and had a strong animosity toward the APC.

“Jonathan cannot continue to encourage violence and incompetence in order to further his unclear political ambitions,” the statement read. His personal animosity toward the APC, a new party that dethroned him as president in 2015, is the only aspect of his politics that is evident.

“He ought to give up carrying the mantle of a statesman; it is obvious that he is deeply involved in politics.” We don’t forget that he backed Peter Obi over APC President Tinubu in the most recent presidential election, and that he was hastily assembled to publicly support Governor Diri and the PDP just days prior to the Bayelsa State gubernatorial elections.

Everyone is aware of his daytime PDP and nighttime APC politics, to the point where he nearly nominated the Minister from Bayelsa State—a move that ultimately fell through. Recall that our team released a press release to that effect.

“Jonathan ought to show respect for the highest office he has held—that of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His frantic political maneuvers and alliances fall short of expectations, particularly when it comes to being manipulated by a state governor.

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