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Man Causes Uproar In Bank After N1.7 Million Supposedly Disappeared From Account

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A manX is seen in a viral video stripping down in a bank after a stunning N1.5 million supposedly vanished from his account.

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The video shows the disgruntled client sitting on the bank counter after removing all of his clothing and being pleaded with to leave.

He refused to go, claiming that he had been debited unfairly and requesting that his problem be addressed first.

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Netizens’ reactions to the video include:
official leczy:

Only the boxers are left for my 1.5 million yen to ease this hardship, the Man is still wearing the Trousers himself.

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fola pearson:

“E can make a splash in this economy. 1.5m??? Create that scene, Sir, because it’s unlikely that these banks would respond well if the situation were reversed and he requested a loan of that amount from there.

I would undoubtedly make scenery if my 20k disappeared from my bank, but not in a good manner.


I’m holding the manager at gunpoint until I get paid.


“Prior to nkor! Ahh, do you know what a real hard worker in Nigeria needs to do to save 1.5 million?

Watch the video below:

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