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Edo 2024 Don’t hand ticket to unpopular candidate, says PDP chieftain

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Mr Hilary Otsu, Edo State Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has warned the party against nominating unpopular candidates in the state’s governorship race in 2024.

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Otsu issued the warning in a statement released to reporters in Benin on Wednesday.

He stated that the electorate in the state is politically aware, and that the PDP must offer a popular candidate to secure victory.

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He noted that the majority of the party’s candidates in the 2023 general elections were unknown, which he said resulted in electoral losses in some areas.

The party’s leader warned against imposing candidates, claiming that the electorate was already paying attention to the process.

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“Most of the candidates running in the 2023 general election were unpopular, and the majority of voters in their respective constituencies were also aware of the illegal processes that produced them.”

“As a result, many of the voters who followed everything that happened leading up to their election worked and voted against them.”

“Most PDP supporters chose to work against the illegal candidates by supporting opposition party candidates.”

“That is why, in many places, they supported APC candidates and, in some cases, Labour Party (LP) candidates, resulting in unprecedented victories for those parties.”

“PDP has never lost Edo Central and South Senatorial seats before, but the LP candidate won the Edo South Senate seat after leaving PDP for LP just a few months before the election,” he stated.

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