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Dele Momodu claims that Tinubu repackaged MKO Abiola’s manifesto.

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for president, Bola Tinubu, has appropriated MKO Abiola’s heritage, according to Dele Momodu, founder of Ovation magazine.

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The 80-page manifesto titled “Renewed Hope 2023” was released by the APC and its presidential candidate on Friday.

If reelected the following year, the ruling party promised to address Nigeria’s economic and security issues.

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Momodu, the PDP presidential campaign’s head of strategic communications, criticized the document in a piece that was released on Sunday.

He said that the text is full of “half-thoughts, bad reasoning, and copied notes” from Abiola’s “Hope ’93” manifesto in the piece headlined “APC: Renewed hope or forlorn hope?”

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In the 1993 election, Abiola was the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) nominee for president.

Before the presidential election was declared invalid, Ibrahim Babangida, the country’s then leader, declared him the winner.

Momodu emphasized the distinction between Tinubu and Abiola, calling the latter’s presidential campaign a “forlorn hope.”

Accusing the authors of “copy and paste,” he called the manifesto “an affront to the sensitivity and needs of Nigerians.”

“We are forced to draw the conclusion that the elephant has given birth to an ant after attentively reading the eagerly anticipated APC Presidential Campaign Manifesto that was released over the weekend.

The APC presidential candidate has produced a collection of cliches, half-thoughts, faulty logic, and copied notes that have been packaged and presented as “Renewed Hope” after such a long delay.

“The APC and Bola Ahmed Tinubu, its presidential candidate, could not even come up with something novel: “Renewed Hope 2023.

” Really? This is just another effort by the APC candidate to hijack the legacy of Bashorun MKO Abiola.

Instead than following in the footsteps of a man whose life trajectory was unusual and whose desire for Nigeria was lofty, it would be more beneficial if he ran on his own.

And the APC candidate should be reminded that 1993 and 2023 are two very different years, according to the publisher of Ovation.

“The late MKO Abiola was respected for his hard work and intelligence. Shall we inquire as to the reputation of the APC candidate?

Whereas MKO’s Hope ‘93 was a genuine course; for the APC and Nigerians, it’s a forlorn hope ~ and that’s the message of Bola Tinubu and the APC campaign in 2023

“In all honesty, the 80-page document that the APC has put together comes across as a little more than an insult to the sensibility and needs of Nigerians.

“At a time when the nation desperately needs strong leadership with vision and courage, all the APC seems capable of doing is generally copying and pasting the ideas of others without producing anything truly unique or amazing. Asiwaju claims to be “in the know.

” He does not, with all due respect. On more than one occasion, he has advertised himself as the architect of the victory of the APC in 2015.

Their party’s slogan then was “Change.”

“In eight years, they have not been able to change anything positively.

They have led Nigeria into a ditch.

Inflation is very nearly 21%. the 33% unemployment rate.

One of the world’s currencies that performs the worst versus the dollar is the naira.

Because individuals no longer have hope, the suicide rate in the nation has dramatically increased.

The APC and its leaders have castrated families and destroyed “the other chamber,” which has increased the divorce rate.

As a result, they have made Nigerians’ situation worse.

“Tinubu now claims that he wants to take Nigerians on a tour in 2022.

Definitely a journey to nowhere, or more precisely, a trek to perdition.

He stated last week that he would make sure the existing administration would continue. What further action does he desire? If I may ask, what about the APC’s infliction on Nigerians of poverty, suffering, and ignorance?

The authors of the paper attempted to rephrase certain unoriginal concepts, much like a cunning student trying to avoid being found out plagiarizing.

The authors of the pamphlet insult Chief Bola Tinubu, the APC candidate, in addition to insulting Nigerians with their selection of clichés and trite notions.

In the interest of justice, I implore you to examine the document the APC refers to as its manifesto.

You’ll see that they are promising precisely what they have failed to accomplish over the past eight years.

The political scene in Nigeria is not new to Chief Bola Tinubu. It is terrible that he permitted some individuals to blend the 2015 APC/Buhari manifesto with the Abiola Hope ’93 manifesto without tact or grace.

Even more impudence, they labeled it “Renewed Hope.” Nigerians don’t require a manifesto that they can copy and paste. They need specifics and fresh concepts.

Giving the people hollow promises will not move our country ahead given the current state of affairs.

How is the question facing each candidate for the presidency. How will you address the issue? We are all aware of the issue.

Inform us how. Bola Tinubu has portrayed himself for the past eight years as the force behind the throne. His party has not succeeded in advancing Nigeria.

They must stop pointing the finger at the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

They must stop blaming COVID 19 and the outside world. Governments have a responsibility to lead and resolve issues. Leadership is about controlling resources and people.

Nigeria urgently needs a leader who is able to guide the country through chaos with distinction and never through unproven experimentation.

In the past eight years, we have already experienced disastrous experiments. The article stated in part, “The APC government is the only government that places the responsibility for its lack of invention and creativity on others and the past.

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