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It’s treasonous.’ – FG on allegations that warders conspired with Boko Haram

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The federal government has called suggestions that prison warders were helping with terrorists treasonous.

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Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, Minister of Interior, described the claim as vile.

According to the Janescope, the Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, claimed that some jail staff were assisting Boko Haram terrorists in planning terrorist activities.

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Musa further claimed that these warders were assisting terrorists in moving money around.

“It is treasonable as far as I am concerned,” the minister stated on Channels TV’s Politics Today. You cannot be a government officer who swore an oath to safeguard the integrity of this country and then betray it by conspiring with terrorists. That would be heinous and unforgivable.

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“It’s completely out of this world.” It is beyond my comprehension that a law enforcement official would conspire with terrorists to attack the country. That is treasonous behavior.

“That can never, under any circumstances, be swept under the carpet.” This is a serious charge. You may be sure that undermining Nigeria’s security is treasonous in the interests of Nigerians.”


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