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It is possible for me to lose everything if I choose the wrong relationship, says Singer Chike

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Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka, better known by his stage name Chike, is a Nigerian singer who was recently quoted as saying that he believes that selecting the wrong relationship can cause him to lose everything.

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The singer who is known for his song “Boo of the booless” also stated that he does not pay for pleasure, emphasizing that he does not spend money on a lady simply because he wants her to be with him.

A guest appearance by Chike was included in the most recent episode of the Unpack Podcast, which was hosted by NAY.

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He made the following statement: “If there is anyone I am speaking to and I am not bringing that money.” Really, I couldn’t care less. I am simply being completely truthful.

“I do experience feelings of isolation quite frequently, but I do not pay for pleasure. Does it make sense to you? To put it another way, I don’t wind up spending money on a lady simply because I want her to be with me.

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“Right now, one thing that I am aware of may cause me to lose everything is the person that I choose to be my partner. It’s true.”

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