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Blaqbonez, a rapper, once said, “Fame is punishment

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Emeka Akumefule, better known by his stage name Blaqbonez, is a well-known Nigerian rapper who has referred to fame as “crazy punishment.”

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The stress that celebrities experience as a result of their renown is not something that “normal” individuals who are wealthier than celebrities experience, according to him.

Due to the fact that he is famous, the singer who sang “Like Ice Spice” expressed his regret that he is unable to enjoy “actual fun” in Nigeria.

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Blaqbonez provided the following statement at the most recent episode of the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast, which was presented by Joey Akan: “I believe fame is a punishment.” The average person can have all the money in the world and yet drive a far larger car than I would drive if I were in their position. However, while we are stuck in traffic, everyone will turn their attention to me. How come?

“At this point, if I walk into a restaurant, everyone is preoccupied with me. To put it simply, I am incapable of doing them. You can have fifty times my money, wear a standard T-shirt, and go for a stroll if you are a normal person. There is no one checking to see what kind of ring or chain he is wearing, nor is anyone noticing how clean he appears to be. No living being is concerned. After that, they go straight to the world to purchase whatever it is that they desire. Taking pleasure in any and all experiences.

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When I’m in Nigeria, I can’t even go out and have fun when I’m there. Undoubtedly, I am Blaqbonez. This seems like an absurd form of punishment. My life is far more difficult than that of other people who have a great deal more money. “I must be hiding,” she said.

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