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Burna Boy explains why he is despised among Nigerians

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Grammy-winning Nigerian musician Burna Boy, also known as Damini Ogulu, has explained why he is “hated” in the music business.

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He claims that because he lacks “superiors,” his “inferiors” despise him.

The contentious musician shared a picture of himself along with the caption, “Hated by my inferiors for having no superiors,” on his X account on Saturday.

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According to the Janescope, Burna Boy has stated on numerous occasions that Nigerians despise him.

Burna Boy implied in the song “Thank You,” from his most recent album I Told Them, that Nigerians don’t value him enough, even though he makes the nation proud “every chance I get.”

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He claimed that rather than acknowledging the priceless musical contributions he has made to Nigeria, people there have been spreading false information about his mother being a dancer for the late Afrobeat icon Fela Kuti and that his lack of a baby mama may be the result of his impotence.

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