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YCee Criticizes Those Who Call His Career “Dead”

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Oludemilade Martin Alejo, better known by his stage name Ycee, a Nigerian rapper, has hit back at haters who suggest his career is over.

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Music critics relentlessly trash the Nigerian singer, constantly reminding him that his career needs to be revived.

Ycee insisted that the reason people talk about him is because he is still relevant.

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He added that his family and his health are both well.

Finally, he lets the cybernauts know that he will soon release new songs.

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It has been “you’ve slipped off” and “your career this” since 2018. Maybe if I were unimportant, everyone would stop bringing me up? My relatives are good.

I’m wholesome. New music is coming soon! I’m making fun of you and your political group.

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