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The reason I no longer attend church – Daddy Freeze

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Ifedayo Olarinde, better known by his stage as Daddy Freeze, is a well-known media figure who has revealed that he ceased going to church after being kicked out of the front row by his pastor after his divorce.

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In an interview with Teju Babyface Deep Dive, Daddy Freeze revealed that soon after his 2014 divorce, the pastor of the church he was attending advised him to take a back seat because he was a divorcee.

The OAP clarified that he had worked for a church before getting divorced and had been heavily involved in planning the organization of the church’s program, but that he was kicked out of the church right away.

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Rather than “hiding” in the back seat, he claimed he made the decision to cease attending church.

He claimed that on Sundays, he would begin his studies and investigation into the scriptures, which helped him to realize that the majority of the teachings in Nigerian churches were “flawed.”

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“My marriage had always been troubled and it came to an end in 2014,” Daddy Freeze stated. And I recall that I once organized activities at my church. Back then, I used to get paid by the church minister to perform events that I hosted. At least the pastor shared the money with those who were employed rather than hoarding it all.

“I received a call telling me to cancel an event I had scheduled for the church due to the controversy surrounding my divorce or impending divorce. And I thought, Does going through a divorce mean that God is no longer a part of me? I also wondered about that.

“After that, the pastor stopped by my place and we spoke. “I’m not telling you not to go to church, but when you do, please sit in the back,” he said. And I thought, What’s the big deal? That forced me to spend Sundays at home. Is it not preferable for me to sit at home rather than go to church and hide?

“Therefore, I started filling the holes in my brain by spending Sundays sitting at home.”

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