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Femi Kuti, an icon of afrobeat, becomes a knight in France

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Femi Kuti, a pioneer of afrobeat, is now a Knight. Over the weekend in France, the singer of “Sorry Sorry” received the honorary title of Chevalier de l’Ordre d’Arts et Lettres, or Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters.

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The Grammy nominee received the honor during the “Rebellion Afrobeat” Afrobeat exhibition in Paris, France.

Kuti praised the organizers in his speech of appreciation while pleading with France and world leaders to reverse their anti-African and anti-nation attitudes.

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“Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate this acknowledgment and the French cultural system’s early support of my career at a time when many people did not approve of my choice to pursue a career in music.

Before bestowing this honor upon me, France gave me the freedom to express myself through my music and, in my opinion, grasped my pan-Africanist political beliefs through this medium.

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Africa must be allowed to fully express itself and work alongside others to create a unified world of justice, love, and peace. As evidenced by the increasing number of wars, riots, famine, climate change, and migratory problems, I implore you to continue saving people at sea with the greatest humanity.

Africa would be at the forefront of development with the major nations on our planet if given the chance to fully construct its own home and if African leaders prioritize the well-being of our people.

In order for this to occur, France and the rest of the world must alter their unfavorable policies toward Africa and its countries.

“You know that it is in my family’s DNA, and here we are at this exhibition called Afrobeat Rebellion.

I will continue to devote my life to the cause of which I have been a part for as long as I can remember, for the love of my people and the people of the entire planet.

“A free and united Africa that can collaborate with the rest of the world as an equal partner,” he remarked.

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