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Nigerians are astounded by Dope Hackaliah when he releases his album “Magical Flows

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Rapper DopeHackaliah, a phenomenon in Nigeria, has returned with another amazing album titled “Magical Flows.” DJ Domingo, Yung Flight, MC Big Pro, and Dope Hackaliah produced the record.

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Rapper Dope Hackaliah, a rapidly growing star in Nigeria, has lived up to his captivating reputation by demonstrating why he is considered one of the industry’s elite peaks.

His connection to the UK at birth has, thus far, transformed his identity into that of an African-British rapper on the rise who has embraced the genius era of his career from a variety of perspectives.

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The Nigerian Maestro began his musical career by living a luxurious lifestyle in Brighton & Hove for an astounding six years. After that, he made his mark on his native Nigeria, which he has since imprinted as his base.

He frequently does brief gigs in London, where he has amassed a sizable fan following.

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Since its official release on December 1st, he has amassed a sizable number of streams from devoted followers who have shown their enthusiasm for the just released album.

He expresses gratitude on the album’s artwork cover:

Using this platform, I would like to express my gratitude to DFB Universe Limited, my family, my team, the promoter, and the fans for their combined efforts in making this happen. In addition, I would want to dedicate this diverse album, Magical Flows, as an example of dynamic significance that goes beyond and combines with my musical abilities.

With ten tracks, the album is incredibly long and has enhanced its reputation as one of the greatest.

Hackaliah went above and beyond in track two to include the well-known rapper Erigga, who elevated the sound of the song “Big Fat Kakki.”

Reality, life, and love are inflicted by magical flows, which have once again validated Dope Hackaliah’s musical renown.


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