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FIDA calls for a comprehensive look into organ harvesting

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The Plateau State chapter of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) has asked for a comprehensive investigation into allegations of unlawful organ harvesting in the state.

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This was announced in Jos, the state capital, by Obioma Ngozi Achilefu, chairperson of FIDA in the state.

Her words were, “We are deeply worried about this growing trend and wish to state that if left unchecked, it will expose our people to serious health complications.” In light of this, the Plateau State Branch of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) is making an urgent appeal to legislators, medical experts, and health ministries and departments to condemn this disturbing trend.

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She guaranteed that Plateau State FIDA would keep investigating “until justice is served and secured for the victims.”

She claims that the International Federation of Women Lawyers is an internationally renowned group that works to advance and defend the legal rights of women and children everywhere. We have been working relentlessly in Plateau State to promote fairness, equity, and the rule of law. We want the victims and their families to know that we are with them as they go through this terrible time. Justice must be done, and this kind of behavior must be eliminated, from our society.

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She urged everyone involved to come together and seek redress on behalf of our society’s most defenseless members, saying, “We also desire to ask for the full implementation of applicable legislation protecting the rights of all persons in the state, notably women and children. By doing this, those responsible for this heinous crime will be held fully accountable.

She urged all healthcare workers to remain attentive and observe the highest ethical standards of conduct, highlighting the importance of state laws such as the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law 2022 and the Gender and Equal Opportunities Law 2015.

She emphasized that “medical associations and regulatory bodies must strengthen their oversight” to guarantee that only “licensed and qualified medical practitioners” are allowed to carry out organ transplant procedures.

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