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Edu, a minister dealing with humanitarian issues, demonstrates his dedication to the “Renewed Hope Agenda” – Coa

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The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu, has been praised by the Coalition of Unemployed Youths in Nigeria (CUYN) for her unwavering dedication to the Renewed Hope Agenda that was implemented by the administration of President Bola Tinubu.

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In addition, the Coalition stated that the Minister has shown an unrelenting passion and commitment to easing the suffering of the youth who are currently without jobs in the country.

During a press conference that took place on Friday in Abuja, the convener, Comrade Adamu Adamu, stated that Edu has launched a number of projects that are geared at empowering the youth and creating opportunity for them to succeed.

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Adamu made the observation that Edu had demonstrated great leadership abilities that were based on elements such as responsibility, inclusion, and honesty.

He stated, “We, the millions of unemployed youths in Nigeria, have experienced the acrid tang of unfulfilled dreams, the gnawing frustration of untapped potential.” Both of these feelings are familiar to us.

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Hope, on the other hand, sat dormant, like a diamond that was hidden in the rough, waiting for the proper hand to polish it and unveil its beauty. That hand belongs to Dr. Betta Edu.

“A woman whose heart can be said to beat in time with the hopes and dreams of those who are marginalized.”

We have been taken aback by the recent wave of Renewed Hope Agenda, which is being led by Dr. Betta Edu.

A ray of hope has been provided for the youth in Nigeria who are currently without jobs as a result of this particular wave of the Renewed Hope Agenda.

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has, under her direction, conducted a number of projects with the goal of empowering young people and providing them with opportunity to flourish. This is something that we have properly observed.

“These initiatives have played a critical role in providing us with the essential instruments to achieve a better future. These initiatives range from programs that foster the development of skills to support for entrepreneurial endeavors.

This Renewed Hope Agenda is not merely a policy statement; rather, it is a symphony of possibility, since it was penned with the ink of empathy and conducted by the maestro of action.

“Every single program and initiative is a note that has been meticulously created, and collectively they weave together a melody of empowerment and a harmony of self-reliance.

“If you take a glance around, you will notice that the N-Power program is flourishing, and its tentacles are spreading out to embrace thousands of our young people for the purpose of providing them with the knowledge and resources necessary to become the builders of their own futures.

“We are also witnesses to the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP), which is a financial lifeline that has been offered to a large number of micro-entrepreneurs, sparking the spark of self-sufficiency in their hearts.

The emphasis that the Renewed Hope Agenda places on inclusiveness is one of the most important aspects that we need to make known to the Nigerian people today. Through her efforts, Dr. Betta Edu has made certain that no one is left behind, regardless of their socioeconomic status or the location of their geographical location.

By implementing specific interventions in rural areas, she has been able to close the gap between urban and rural youth, so ensuring that all individuals have equal access to opportunity.

The youth have been able to feel a sense of oneness and national cohesion as a result of this inclusiveness, which has contributed to the development of harmony and progress in our wonderful nation.

We are both baffled by this evolution and method of operation, and the only conclusion we can get to is that this is an agenda that has been carried out effectively.

In addition to that, the Honourable Minister has demonstrated remarkable leadership abilities in her performance of her duties. Through her efforts, she has been essential in the formation of relationships with organizations on both the local and international levels, including the World Bank and the International Labor Organization in particular.

Edu was strongly encouraged by the Coalition to “continue on this path until the majority of the nation’s young population becomes actively engaged.”

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