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Coup: Gabon’s President Pleads with “Friends” for Assistance by Saying, “Make Noise, I’ve Been Arrested

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After Wednesday’s coup, a video of ousted Gabonese President Ali Bongo pleading with his overseas friends to “make noise” appeared on social media.

Bongo stated in the 51-second video that he had been arrested and separated from his son and wife, who he claimed were being held somewhere.

He introduced himself as President of Gabon, saying, “My name is Ali Bongo Ondimba. I’m contacting all of our international pals to urge them to “make noise, make noise.”

After the death of his father, Omar Bongo, who had ruled Gabon for nearly 42 years beginning in 1967, Alain Bernard Bongo, then 64 years old, took over as president.


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