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PDP Reacts to Tinubu’s Holy Communion Remark as a Defamation of Christianity

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The All Progressives Congress’ (APC) Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s latest remark has been attacked by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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In a social media-trending video, Tinubu responded to queries from reporters about how he would address climate change if elected president.

“How can you stop a church rat from consuming tainted holy communion?”

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“We live in an impoverished country. Firewood is supposedly not for grabbing. They claim that we must plant more trees but they are not providing us with funding.

“We need to tell the West that we will not cooperate with your climate change until you guarantee our money and collaborate with us to avoid this,”

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said Tinubu.

On social media, worried Nigerians have called for the former Lagos governor to apologize to Nigerian Christians and withdraw his remarks about Holy Communion.

The PDP reacted by accusing Tinubu of insulting Christians in a statement released by Dino Melaye, the spokesperson for the party’s presidential campaign management committee.

Dino bemoaned that the APC presidential candidate “rubbed insult on injury by calling in the Holy Communion into an irrelevant conversation” after disregarding the Christian faith and fielding a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

He stated:

“The APC presidential candidate, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, desecrated the church and the body of Christ by profaning the sacrament of communion in a thinking that was careless and unconnected to the topic at hand.

“After ignoring Christians in his choice of a running partner, he added insult to injury by bringing up the Holy Communion in a conversation that wasn’t about it.”

Dino claimed that Asiwaju’s response to the question on climate change revealed his ignorance of the true meaning of the term.

The declaration reads,

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. described the “Fierce Urgency of Now,” but he lost touch with other world leaders in ways that showed a lack of comprehension of it.

“For Tinubu to just declare that he was ignorant of the concept of climate change would have been honorable. That one more demonstrated his weak preparation for governance and limited knowledge.

With the continuous floods in Nigeria and the economic war between farmers and herders, any leader of a great nation who does not comprehend the fundamentals of climate change has no business wanting to govern our beloved country at this time.

Additionally, Nigerians who previously had doubts about Tinubu’s mental clarity and physical fitness for the job should now be persuaded that he is unqualified.

He temporarily lost his train of thought and started talking about something else totally.

If what occurred in Kaduna had occurred on a global scale, Nigerians could have imagined it.

Nigerians cannot afford to gamble with the upcoming election, as I previously stated.

“An Atiku president will not only be comfortable dealing with international issues wherever they arise.

In order to solve current and developing crises with speed, purpose, and patience, he would forge alliances and collaborations.

“He will engage with others to limit the causes and impacts of climate change, but more crucially, he will support structures that will aid Nigeria in strengthening its capacity for resilience and adaptation to the phenomenon, particularly in climate-smart agriculture and other critical projects.”

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