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The US Embassy in Nigeria promises to resolve issues with visas

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The US Embassy in Nigeria’s Charge d’Affaires, Mr. David Greene, has reassured applicants seeking visas that the mission is dedicated to resolving any concerns pertaining to visas.

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Greene made the promise in an Abuja interview with reporters.

He promised that issues with visas would be resolved, adding that the mission is making every effort to deal with them.

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“Regarding visas in particular, it is a well-known truth that there is a greater demand than there is supply.

In light of this, those appointments are available, and we are making every effort to close that gap. People are unaware that we have spoken with over 150,000 Nigerians so far this year.

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Yet, we have come a long way. We implemented a five-year period for U.S. visas in March,” he continued.

He advised those who wish to travel to the US to apply as soon as possible and to ensure that their petitions for visas are connected to particular events.

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