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According to Gumi, Buhari has murdered more innocent Fulani herdsmen than Jonathan

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Contrary to popular opinion, President Muhammadu Buhari is accused of killing innocent Fulani herdsmen by Sheikh Abubakar Ahmad Gumi, a prominent and contentious Islamic cleric.

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This was said in an interview with Vanguard by the preacher, who is well-known for his interactions with the herdsmen and bandits terrorizing Nigeria’s North-West and North-Central regions.

Gumi, on the other hand, rejected rumors that Buhari is sectarian and doesn’t want to do anything that will affect honorable Muslims, particularly Fulani.

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Oh, it’s the reverse, he said. Simply said, it is a false impression. Buhari is the only President who has reportedly killed innocent herders in the woods. Women, children, and innocent bystanders are all killed in these bombardments.

It began when Jonathan was alive (administration). I’m telling you, most of the herdsmen are in response to the excessive use of force. Their kids were dispersed and relocated. This is what transpired and is still occurring. Simply put, they are retaliating. I was able to listen to their complaints by sitting down with them.

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“But when we came out, we had nothing, and no one was making an effort to listen. Even the media is not interested.

“The media was quite critical. Similar to what you indicated in your interview with the BBC, the government was unfriendly. We were accused of wanting to make these people famous when we first entered. Imagine the Ansaru individuals who carried out the train assault; we later learned that eight of their kids were in prison.

“So what does that have to do with your kids, no matter how criminally inclined you are? We, therefore, encourage them to engage in illicit activity.

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