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A code of conduct for data protection compliance organizations is released by the NDPC

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A code of conduct for Data Protection Compliance Organizations (DPCOs) in Nigeria has been released by the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC).

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This is in accordance with the commission’s enforcement push in 2024 and the attempt to ensure professionalism among businesses that are licenced to carry out compliance as a service, according to Dr. Vincent Olatunji, National Commissioner of the NDPC.

Olatunji asked the DPCOs to view their role in implementing the Nigeria Data Protection Act (NDPA) 2023 as a public trust that needs to be protected with the utmost sense of responsibility during his speech before the Commission on Tuesday.

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Olatunji emphasized the benefits of the legislation, especially the creation of jobs in the data processing value chain and the permissible use of data.

The NDPA stipulates that a company needs to have a Data Protection Officer who is duly certified and a valid license from the commission in order to operate as a Data Protection Company and provide compliance services.

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At least 163 DPCOs have licenses from the commission as of November 2023.

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