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Wizkid vehemently criticizes Instagram influencer Mr. Jollof, saying, “You Can Be Older and Still Be Stupid.”

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Award-Winning In a recent social media post, Nigerian artist Wizkid—real name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun—kept dragging social media influencer Mr Jollof.

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Wizkid and Mr. Jollof have been fighting violently over the singer’s joint tour with Davido over the past few days. Recall that Wizkid caused a stir on social media when he revealed via the insta-stories part of his official Instagram page that he will be going on tour with Davido after his album, the MLEE tour.

In response to the news, Mr. Jollof criticizes Wizkid, saying that the musician has lost his musical senses and is merely attempting to become close to Davido for the sake of maintaining his status in the music business.

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He pointed out that Wizkid’s most recent album, MLLE, lacks a smash song and that the artist has been acting inappropriately lately. He continues by referring to himself as Wizkid’s grandfather.

“Because I love you, na he make me bring you out as your grandfather, beat you, and pet you,” he added in fragments. Everyone is mad at Wizkid, he said, because his most recent album, “MLLE,” was devoid of any hit songs while yet advising fans to save their money in order to attend their next tour with Davido.

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In response, Wizkid urged Mr. Jollof to ensure that he and his family had enough to eat in 2023 and further referred to him as a beggar whose wife need to become a housewife.

Not content to stop there, Wizkid continued, “Age is not a way to indicate that someone is smart enough,” noting the numerous mature adults he knows who lack intelligence.

“Age isn’t a representation of how smart you are, I know plenty of ignorant mature people too,” Wizkid posted on his Snapchat account.

See the responses below;

the real tobe official:

Oh my goodness, Jollof is planning to produce 50 videos to handle this problem.


I NOW UNDERSTAND WHY WIZKID DOES NOT LIKE TO TALK! BECAUSE I KNOW SAYING EM MOUTH IS VERY POOR! Mr. J, come take your sub, please! Make you turn on a second ring light! The old man.

2023: Kingraog1

Nobody is maturing once more; you converse and you gather.

Quinuju: T

His Wizkid mouth is useless to him; just drop one at a time.


Wizkid suggested that people refer to him as “Sir or Daddy” before using his name; it’s egotism and pretty unfortunate considering that he isn’t the largest player in the game. Although he is a well-known African performer, nobody’s career has been significantly impacted by him. Respect should not be demanded but earned. No offense intended.

Nothing that anyone wants to tell me, says chef Stella. Wizkid is a Gistlover favorite. Never choose peace as an option.


Now I understand why Wizkid doesn’t speak much because if he does, there will never be a chance for peace.


All of the senior men fear that war may break out when they remark on the Jollof post.

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