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UCL’s David Seaman reacts in disbelief to Arteta’s decision: “I’ve never seen this before; it’s unfair.”

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‘Unfair’ on Aaron Ramsdale, says Arsenal icon David Seaman of manager Mikel Arteta’s choice to rotate his goalkeepers.

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This was spoken by Seaman before Arsenal’s match against PSV in the UEFA Champions League group stage at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday.

You may recall that Arteta shuffled his deck for Sunday’s 1-0 Premier League road victory over Everton, starting newcomer David Raya in place of Ramsdale.

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Truthfully, I was taken aback by Aaron’s absence from the goal. Seaman said this on his podcast, and I quote: “I find it hard to grasp.

I still have no idea if the goalie is going to be shuffled around or not. From a defensive standpoint, I don’t like it since it forces the team to adjust to playing with two different goalkeepers.

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Neither of them have any experience in the UEFA Champions League, so the bigger question is who plays on Wednesday [against PSV]. That’s when you can really see who’s going to stick around.

Also, he said, “David Raya is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He will not only feel the need, but the necessity, to play. Because David needs to be ready to take over in case Aaron is hurt, you can’t afford to have such a goalkeeper as your backup for very long.

That’s the only explanation I can come up with. There’s a lot to consider in the future to figure out why he’s doing this, but right now it’s really beyond my comprehension. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it!

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