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Tinubu, the President, described Buhari as a man of unwavering, unadulterated integrity

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In his statements, President Bola Tinubu has referred to Muhammadu Buhari, his immediate predecessor, as a man who possesses unwavering and unadulterated integrity.

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This information was provided by Tinubu in a statement that was released on Saturday by his spokesperson, Chief Ajuri Ngelale, in honor of the former president on the occasion of his 81st birthday.

The former President was praised by President Tinubu for his leadership qualities and accomplishments, and President Tinubu recalled the previous President’s service to the nation in a variety of capacities, including as Head of State and as civilian president.

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He went on to say that Buhari exemplified the highest standards of selflessness, commitment, patriotism, and loyalty to the national cause.

The noble servant-leaders that President Buhari belongs to are among the most uncommon in the world. He has committed his entire life to serving the nation, and as a result of his patriotism and dedication to our Fatherland, he has even been placed in detention.

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The emergence of leaders such as my close buddy Buhari is something that can only occur through the divine choreography of events. He is a man of unwavering and unadulterated honesty and integrity. “His yes is yes, and his no is no,” the President stated. “He is not in agreement.”

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