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The NBA condemns legal corruption

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According to the Adamawa section of the Nigerian Bar Association, corruption is the biggest impediment to the legal profession and its practice in Nigeria.

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Mr. Jibril Jimeta, chairman of the organizing committee of the branch’s just finished Law Week, revealed this on Monday during a news conference in Yola.

“Corruption in the legal profession has reached epidemic proportions, with some of our members acting as a conduit for the exchange of money between judges and litigants.”

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“We are not measured by our success but by the number of us who proved to be deviants,” he went on to say.

According to him, the legal profession was in disorder as a result of violations of professional conduct standards and other actions that were detrimental to the profession.

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“Giving clients false hopes on the true fate of their cases while some lawyers approach judges for bribes among other things were some of the bane in legal practice today,” he went on to say.

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