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The government of Delta State has given the contractor a return deadline of 48 hours

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The contractor in charge of the Lander Brothers Anchorage, Asaba building work has been given 48 hours to provide an explanation as to why the contract should not be canceled by the Delta State Government.

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State government has not sold or planned to sell the Lander Brothers’ Anchorage to private persons, as reported by Darlington ljeh, commissioner for culture and tourism, on Tuesday.

According to Ijeh, the contract was awarded to Messrs Jabi Boat Club Abuja on December 1, 2020, and per the terms of the deal with the state government, the company was to construct the facility, run it for a set length of time, and then transfer ownership of it.

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He emphasized that the only work done at the Lander Brothers’ Anchorage site in Asaba was the demolition of the structure, which was a tourist attraction and provided income for the state and the youth of the town through local businesses.

According to Ijeh, the contractor was asked in August of 2023 to come back to the site and repair the structure that had been demolished, but Messrs Jabi Boat Club Abuja disregarded the request and still hasn’t returned.

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He continued by adding the Maryam Babangida Leisure Park and Film Village contract was granted to Messrs Jabi Boat Club, Abuja on the same day, and that the park had been completed, turned over to the state government, and commissioned for usage by Deltans.

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